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Doing Pushups

Come Train with a team

Let us design the workout, you simply show up and do your best!
Perform better in your workouts, perform better in your life!

What Do We Do?

Core Performance Fitness is a fitness training facility aimed at helping people perform better each day through physical and mental challenges! We aim to assist every person in becoming a better version of themselves each day!  


We do this by creating a fun, encouraging group workout environment for every single person to be challenged at their own level! No matter the fitness ability you are at, from beginners to advanced athletes, we provide challenges suitable for all, and expert instruction to aid in taking the proper steps within a workout, as well as outside of the gym, to help you become stronger, healthier, and better able to conquer life's inevitable challenges! 

We use a variety of modalities, from kettlebells and dumbbells, to sleds, bands, cables, punching bags, battle ropes, suspension trainers, great outdoors, and more, to challenge each of our human physical attributes. We Promise you'll find the right challenge for you!

Workout with Kettlebells
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